How to stretch your advertising budget to reach more people.

A Website is an essential tool that helps you reach more people for less.

The success of any business requires taking advantage of every available tool to maintain an edge over the competition. In today's world, having a professionally designed Website is an essential marketing tool.

A professionally designed Website should be a top priority of your marketing plan. A Website that is professionally designed is visually attractive, functional, and has copy ("content") that is written by a skilled copywriting specialist with an understanding of advertising principles and how to write copy that sells.

That's where we come in.

We are DreamMaker Graphics, a Web Design and Hosting company in northeast Ohio, and we have the skills you need. Our knowledge of advertising, and copywriting, essential to the development of headlines and copy with a strong selling message, coupled with our artistic ability, will help you promote your business and result in increased sales.

Three good reasons to get your business on the Web!

Establishes credibility

Today, a business is expected to have a Website.

A professional looking Website shows that you are a serious competitor in your business, interested in promoting your product or service.

A good visual presentation creates a positive image of your company. You gain an edge over any competitors who are not on the Web.

More exposure for less

A Web site is your online advertisement, but unlike print advertising, it provides you with unlimited space at very low cost to tell about your product or service.

Include your Web address in all print advertising.

This gives prospects access to all the information they need, to lead them to a decision to call your company.

Increased sales

When people who have a need for your product or service contact you after visiting your Website, they are already predisposed to your offering.

They are likely in a buying position, and ready to discuss their needs with you.

Your job of selling is easier. This results in increased sales.

Visual presentation is everything!.

A Stanford University study found that, for most Website categories, visitors gauged a site's credibility by visual appeal, and professional appearance. Therefore, it isn't enough to simply have a Web address. Serious consideration needs to be given to layout and color scheme.

Visual appeal is important because good design aids in leading the eye, as well as providing a professional appearance.

DreamMaker Graphics can design an attractive site that has the professional look that you need; one that creates a positive image for your company, and establishes your credibility.

Our main service area is northeast OH, including Trumbull, Mahoning, Ashtabula and Geauga counties, and western PA, including Mercer and Lawrence county. However, if you are outside this area, we can serve you too, as it is usually not necessary to have personal consultations for Website creation, but everything can be handled by phone, Email, and US mail. This is our usual way of working.